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Banana Bread Love Thy Neighbor   new 9/02/02
Button Soup    new 9/02/02 A Good Feeling   new 9/30/02
The Farmer's Bride    8/17/02 Send Katy Money    8/17/02
Felicity needs a name
Hot Winter Nights   new 9/02/02 Time For Dinner   new 9/02/02
Insomnia  A Turn For The Better   new 9/02/02

I recommend Banana Bread , Hot Winter Nights , needs a name , and Love Thy Neighbor .
Banana Bread   becket formation
    A1  Circle left one time; (1/2) right left thru across set.
    A2  Ladies allemande right once and a half; swing neighbor.
    B1  On the left diagonal, (1/2) ladies chain;
          ladies pass right shoulders to start 1/2 hey across.
    B2  Reunite with partner and balance and swing.

Becky Hill's dance Bananas was used as the main ingredient for making Banana Bread.
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Button Soup   becket
   A1   Long lines forward & back; star right 1x.
   A2   Right left thru over and back.
   B1   Left diagonal ladies chain (1/2); ladies chain across (1/2).
   B2   Turn to your partner and balance and swing.

A simple, foolproof way to introduce diagonal moves and reuniting with your partner, but not very exciting. I may use it as a teaching tool to lead into more interesting dances.
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The Farmer's Bride  duple improper   8/11/02
   A1   Long lines forward & back; neighbor swing.
   A2   Right left thru across (1/2); circle left 3/4 & ooze into a wavy line of four,
           ladies with left hands in the center & partner with right hands on the sides.
   B1   Balance the wave, partner swing.
   B2   Promenade (1/2) across the set; ladies chain (1/2) across the set.

Steve Edwards and Kim Thompson were married on 8/11/02. Besides being a contra dance caller, Steve is a farmer.
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Felicity   becket formation
    A1   Circle left one time; left diagonal ladies chain (1/2).
    A2   (1/2) Right left thru across; ladies chain across (1/2) to shadow.
    B1   Men, the next two figures are done with whatever lady is on your right.
            Take hands four, balance the circle,
            on the side, men roll away shadow with 1/2 sashay;
            balance the circle, men California twirl the other lady across the set.
    B2    Balance and swing your partner.
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Good Feeling   duple improper

   A1   Neighbor balance and box the gnat; men allemande left 1+1/2 while the ladies orbit 1/2
           clockwise to the other side.
   A2   Neighbor balance and swing.
   B1   Circle left 3/4, partner swing.
   B2   Right left thru across set (1/2); ladies chain across set (1/2).
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Hot Winter Nights   reverse becket

   A1   Long line forward & back; circle left 1x.
   A2   Ladies chain across (1/2); 1/2 hey, ladies passing right shoulders and ending in long wavy lines
          with the men facing out and the ladies facing in.
   B1   Balance the wave, next neighbor allemande right 3/4;  men allemande left 1+1/2.
   B2   Partner balance and swing.

Fun and energetic.
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Insomnia   2's cross over
(with reverse progression unless the roll away is done as called by Judy on NYE)
    by Judy Goldsmith & Bill Pope
    A1   Ladies allemande right once and a half; partner swing.
    A2   Four in line down the hall, center two turn as a couple
           (by wheeling around or a left handed California twirl)
            while the ends turn alone, return,
            bend the line to face in
    B1   Top couple (who were on the ends) 1/2 figure 8 below to end next to partner
            face across; (1/2) right left thru across.
    B2   (1/2) Ladies chain across to neighbor; long lines forward & on the way back
            ladies roll away the men from their right hands into their left hands.
            (The progression is backwards, but a tug from the gent who is now in her left hand
            would send her into the center for an allemande right.)

    Alternate B2=  (1/2) Ladies chain across to neighbor; long lines forward & on the way back
            ladies roll away the men from their LEFT hands into their RIGHT hands.
            Judy called it this way at Cincinnati's 2001 New Year's Eve dance.
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Love Thy Neighbor   becket

   A1   Ladies pull by right hand, allemande left neighbor ~3/4 until men face out;
           Gypsy next neighbor 1+1/2.
   A2   Men start left shoulder 1/2 hey; swing same neighbor you gypsied.
   B1   Circle left 3/4, swing partner.
   B2   Right left thru across; mad robin  left shoulder do si do your parner on the side while keeping eye contact with your neughbor acros the set. 

Lots of interaction for slow, sultry music.
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Send Katy Money   becket
   A1   Promenade (1/2) across the set; star left 1x.
   A2   Right diagonal ladies chain (1/2); right left thru across (1/2).
   B1   Take hands in a circle, balance, Petronella spin one place to the right to long wavy lines with men turning 180 degrees to face out, and ladies facing in;
            balance the wave, Rory O'Moore spin right up & down the sides of the set turning to your partner.
   B2   Partner balance and swing.

My friend, Katy Brown, hosted a dance walk thru and dinner near Louisville where we tried some of my untested dances and gave them names. During the two hour forty minute drive there, I composed this in my head and decided to dedicate it to her. She chose the title.
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needs a name   becket
   A1   Long line forward & back; ladies allemande right 1+1/2.
   A2   Balance & swing neighbor, take hands four.
   B1   Balance the circle, men roll away their partners across the set;
           circle left 1/2, drop hands with your neighbor, as a couple weave up and down the set
            (zig left, ladies pass right shoulders, zag right.
   B2   With the next couple star left 3/4, ladies push off the the outside and turn back to swing partner.
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Time For Dinner   reverse becket

   A1   Right left thru across (1/2); left diagonal ladies chain (1/2).
   A2   Circle left 1x; star left 3/4, keep shadow in left hand, partner in right hand in long wavy line,
           men facing in, ladies facing out.
   B1   Balance wave, Rory spin right; balance wave, Rory spin left.
   B2   Partner balance and swing.

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A Turn For The Better   duple improper

   A1   Neighbor allemande right 1+1/2, all face across, promenade across (1/2).
   A2   Neighbor balance and swing.
   B1   Men allemande left 1+1/2; partner swing.
   B2   Ladies chain across (1/2); star left 1x.

A fun and easy dance with lots of neighbor interaction. a good first dance.
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