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Heather's 200 Miles

Riding 200 miles on the "Plus Challenge" with my 12 year old daughter in tandem, I dawdled too much because I did not want to push her too hard. As a result, the ride took longer than it should have. It was dark and late with Heather's mom driving behind us with a support car for extra light and safety when we came to the dreaded, long and steep Dunkinsville hill. I told Heather that I was feeling tired and would have to slow down and shift into granny gear. Heather replied, "That's okay. I'll take care of it." The tiny girl on the back of the tandem stood on the pedals for the entire length of the hill and pushed my tired butt all the way to the top. One the way back into the headquarters at Sadinia, Ohio, we came to a rest stop where our progress was recorded, and we could take a break. Heather asked if stopping was required because she felt more like putting the pedal to the metal and ending quickly. I lied and said that the rest stop was manditory. I needed it.