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Randoneur Riding

I like going from point "A" to point "B" on a bicycle, i.e. going a fixed distance within certain time limits. Some randoneur rides are formally organized, such as Paris/Brest/Paris and Boston/Montreal/Boston, two famous 1200 kilometer randoneur rides.

On a smaller scale, I do the same type of riding on my own when I ride from Cincinnati to Lexington to go to a contra dance. The dance hall is my destination and being ready for the start of the dance is my time limit. I need a quick pace, yet I am not racing to go faster than anyone else. Sometimes I work on increasing my speed, not to "drop" other riders, but to be able to go on a greater variety of rides with a greater variety of riders.

In 1989, I noticed that Southern Toledo was 200 miles from Northern Cincinnati, and I got the notion that I wanted to ride to Toledo in one day and back the next. I tried twice in 1990, but high winds stopped me both times. In 1991 I succeeded on the third try.

I have made other 200 milers, to Coshocton and to Terra Haute, Indiana. Once, on tandem with Tim, we joined Paul and Todd who were on single bikes for a one day 300 miler from Cincinnati, out around Buckeye Lake in Eastern Ohio and back.

Cincinnati Cycle Club had an Ultra Marathon event called the "Plus Challenge" with various ride lengths, one year 200 or 236, other years 200, 252 or 310.  The first year I rode 236 miles, another year 200, and twice I road it on tandem. With Glen, I was a last minute substitute and we "practiced" together for six miles before starting the 200 mile ride. I also have very fond memories of doing the 200 miles of hills in Brown and Adams counties on tandem with my daughter, Heather, when she was a petite 12 year old.

Commuting is a great way to do randoneur type riding, however, my ride to work is hardly worth mentioning. It is only a half a mile. Some Sunday mornings I have done a more respectable size commute to meditation in Delhi which is about 20 miles away. I am happiest on a bike when I am going someplace..